My goal is to see your business skyrocket.

I'm passionate about making businesses succeed, and it drives my coaching work. I love seeing business owners able to relax for the first time in years while profits rise and new customers stream in. I truly believe that most issues a business can face come down to a few key areas, and by solving at the root of the problem, we can make your business more profitable, healthy, and stress-free. (Continue Below)

Here are a few highlights from my work so far.

My first business grew from $0 to $8 million a year in just 3 years.

My second business grew from 0 to 28 footcare clinics in 12 months, before I successfully sold it to a public company.

The CEO who bought my company became a mentor of mine and I worked with him for 4 years, taking his company from public to private equity. We ultimately sold it to a Fortune 15 company for 9 figures.

I then built a marketing agency from 0 to 80 clients, and successfully sold it.

And most recently, I have been working with entrepreneurs and CEOs to scale up their business and unlock sustainable growth (using the Scaling Up method proven by Verne Harnish).

I was one of 60 Entrepreneurs selected from around the world for the elite "Birthing Of Giants" program at MIT in Boston. The instructors were founders and CEO's of nine-figure businesses, sharing some of the best insights they had learned to build massively successful businesses.

I've enjoyed business success in 10 different industries, and have worked with companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 15.

My clients today include world-class marketing agencies such as Thrive Digital Marketing, Fannit, and Clicks Geek, along with other 8-figure agencies.

In addition I own a number of local service companies including Kingston Radon Solutions and Radon Doctors, both of which offer radon testing and mitigation services in Canada.

What My Clients Are Saying

“Our company growth outpaced our team’s capacity.

I asked Stuart to work with our senior partner to understand our business, identify how we could improve our capacity and accept responsibility for resolving this issue.

He made this process seamless, documenting the new role, recruiting, interviewing, and narrowing down the candidates to just two A players.

We hired the one we liked, and she was a perfect fit.”

Ali Mirza, CEO of Rose Garden Consulting

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