How to Hire A-Players For Your Agency


Today, I want to get you thinking about how to hire ‘A-Players’ for your agency. The number one question I want you to think about is:

Is your team preventing your agency from growing?

If you’re trying to build a high-growth agency, the biggest differentiator is going to be the quality of your team. Marketing agencies that grow understand the value of great people, because that’s what a marketing agency is: a collection of people, organized to create exponential value.

If we take a look at the 2020 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing marketing agencies, there were 67 agencies on the list with a median growth rate of 183%. Some of these companies achieved over 7000% growth in 2020, which is business growth at an almost unimaginable speed. How do they achieve it? By building a team that’s designed to succeed.

Building a growing agency requires more than just lead generation – you need to market to attract the right talent. This is where I see a lot of agencies missing out on what could be their biggest growth opportunity.

Would you enthusiastically rehire EVERYONE on your team?

With every employee, ask yourself, are they an ‘A-Player’ you would rehire immediately? Let’s define an ‘A-player’ first.

An A-player:

  • They’re the top 10% of talent available to work at your pay rate
  • They actively work to grow, expand, and innovate in your business.
  • Come with batteries included, and look for ways to grow your business.
  • They have energy, creativity, ideas, and will take your agency to the next level in ways you might not have foreseen on your own.

A B-player:

  • They may be ‘good’ in a specific area, but lack the big picture
  • They’ll perform a function if you tell them what to do
  • They won’t drive you to the next level
  • You want to limit or remove B-players in your team

A C-player:

  • Actively cost you time, energy and money
  • Can’t do the job well even after training
  • Don’t want to be a part of the bigger vision
  • Not invested in the company culture
  • Requires constant maintenance

If your agency isn’t growing, your team may be stacked with B and C players.

It’s a difficult truth, but you need to eject them like a virus from your company, and start to replace them with A-Players. You’ll see growth go up as they bring talent and energy to your workplace, and look for opportunities to grow your business.

How much time and effort do you put into finding your employees? This is a question you have to answer honestly for yourself. If you’re just writing a job post and putting it on Indeed, you may not be reaching the right people for your company.

You have to show your employees what an A-player looks like. Do you have an A-player agreement for your employees? What do they do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? What are their lead/lag indicators? What are they responsible for? Why are they getting paid at their rate? We want to articulate all of this so they understand how they’ll be judged, how frequently their performance will be reviewed, and what makes an A-player for your business.

This gives them the ability to jump into your business, meet your criteria, and find opportunities to expand.

Do you hire the ‘best out of ten’ from Indeed, or are you creatively marketing to bring in new talent?

A-players often have jobs today. Are you thinking about how to mine other companies + fields for those candidates, or are you just taking whoever is available today to fill the seat in your business?

Think about a sports team.

How seriously do they take recruiting? They’re recruiting from other teams, and even watching young players that won’t be in the league for many years to spot early talent. They want to follow talent and take it very seriously – and if you want a company that performs highly, you need to take it seriously as well.

Next Steps to Building Your A-player Team

If you want to see examples of some of the best agency job descriptions I’ve seen today, and where to find your A-level talent (as well as common mistakes agencies make) I’ve pulled together a free PDF. Click the banner below to grab the guide with extra examples, details and insight on hiring A-players:

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