The Easiest & Cheapest Way to Develop Your Leaders


I want to walk you through the easiest and cheapest way I’ve found to develop leaders in your business.


High growth companies MUST develop their existing leadership talent. New growth typically means new leaders will be needed, so systems have to be put in place to teach employees the skills and leadership ability that they require in order to step into that role in the future.


It’s easy to blow a budget on employee training.


Flights, lodging, and tickets for seminars/conventions/training sessions can be costly over time. This means it isn’t the ideal way for most employees to gain the new skills they need. This is why a learning support program is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advance your employees.


Here’s the support program I recommend to all of my clients:

Your company covers the purchase of any business-related book, with these provisions:

  1. The employee has to answer “What will I personally do as a result of the learning?”
  2. And, “How will this content help me in my current role?”
  3. Once they finish the book, they provide a synopsis of what they learned from the book.

You keep the synopsis for reference by future employees, and if nothing else, it’s a way for future employees to benefit and see if it’s a book they should read as well.


What this achieves:

  1. The employee learns on their own time
  2. They get new skills relevant to their position
  3. It allows you to see who has a learning mindset and really wants to develop their skills.

For employees who participate, you can add a ‘Learning Bonus‘ of $50-$100.

Putting a system like this in place allows you to see who you should be furthering mentoring in the business, and provide leadership opportunities, by the fact that they’re willing to invest their time into developing their skills.


If this is something that makes sense for your business, and you want to have a quick discussion to see if it’s a good fit, I’m happy to have a discussion with you about how you can implement it. Go ahead and book a call with the link below, and I’ll look forward to talking with you.

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