Why Smart Business Owners Focus on Growing Leaders

Why do smart business owners invest in growing leaders in their business?


I’ll tell you, it’s a force multiplier and that’s why they make the investment.


All high-growth companies need future leaders, and so it’s really smart for them to identify the talent on their team and put them into opportunities where they can grow their internal leaders.


One of the byproducts that starts to happen is that the talent on your team starts to realize that you (as an owner or manager) are looking at them, and are willing to make an investment in their future. This gives them the impression that staying with your company has a bigger future in store for them.


It’s a talent retention strategy for the people in your company that you want to retain. They’re not going to jump somewhere else if they feel like you’re making an investment in their future, and tagging them for future leadership roles.


The other byproduct is that people want to work at a company that develops future leaders.


When you get known as a business that is investing in employees and developing them for future leadership roles, it becomes a cycle. You continuously bring in A-players, invest in them, and turn them into future leaders.

They tend to recruit and attract other A-players, who in turn become future leaders. Growth organically happens because you have a team of talent that’s excited to be there, is motivated to be there, and you can retain.


That cycle results in continuous growth.


Hopefully you have this in your business today. If you don’t, I’d be happy to have a conversation about how you can bring a process like this to your future business. It results in improving your retention, leadership development, and your growth rates.

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