“Our company growth outpaced our team’s capacity.

I asked Stuart to work with our senior partner to understand our business, identify how we could improve our capacity and accept responsibility for resolving this issue.

He made this process seamless, documenting the new role, recruiting, interviewing, and narrowing down the candidates to just two A players.

We hired the one we liked, and she was a perfect fit.”

CEO of Rose Garden Consulting

"The information and systems that Stuart has shared with my team is going to allow us to scale our business to a whole new level.

If you have an agency and you are struggling with systems or scale I urge you to reach out to Stuart."

CEO of Raxxar Digital Marketing

"Stuart was able to do a deep dive into our business and really distill down what we were doing right, what we were doing wrong, and how to capitalize on the opportunities that lay in front of us.

He helped develop a second lead generation system to layer on top of the one we had that reduced our cost per lead dramatically. This has been tremendous for our company and our ability to acquire leads."

President At Get House Deals

"We hired Stuart to work with our management team to help us grow our top and bottom line.

With his help, we moved a few employees into new roles, changed our incentive structure, and added a culture of accountability that allowed our team to thrive.

Within 3 months of these changes, we had set new revenue and profit records, and are on pace to grow by nearly 50% this year."

CEO of Fannit