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CEO of Rose Garden Consulting

“Our company growth outpaced our team’s capacity.

I asked Stuart to work with our senior partner to understand our business, identify how we could improve...

CEO of Raxxar Digital Marketing

"The information and systems that Stuart has shared with my team is going to allow us to scale our business to a whole new level....

President At Get House Deals

"Stuart was able to do a deep dive into our business and really distill down what we were doing right, what we were doing wrong,...

The success of your business will be determined by four areas


  • Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team?
  • Does your company have the right people in the right roles doing the right things to drive your company towards achieving your goals?


  • Do you have a differentiated strategy that is driving sustainable growth?
  • Can you state your company's strategy simply? Does everyone understand it, and is it driving sustainable growth?


  • Is your whole company aligned and working efficiently toward your goals?
  • Are all the processes in your company running smoothly, without drama, and driving industry-leading profitability?


  • Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?
  • Is your spending optimized and distributed correctly in your business to create expansion?

The Scaling Up Method

A business coach is like an athletic coach for your company, pushing you to achieve optimum performance
and teaching you how to execute plays the competition won’t see coming.
It’s hard work, but together we’ll make you the best business in the game.

I use the Verne Harnish Scaling Up Method, an industry standard in business coaching success,
to make sure that each client sees life-changing results from our work together.

If you’re feeling exhausted by your business, overwhelmed by sales and marketing decisions,
or unsure how to take your business into the next tier of growth, it’s time to talk.

I'm Stuart Trier.

Making businesses grow is what I love to do.

After graduating from MIT, my first business grew from $0 to $8 million a year in just 3 years.

My second business grew from 0 to 28 foot care clinics in 12 months, before I successfully sold it to a public company.

After that, I realized my passion wasn't running a business, but in solving the problems that hold business owners back every day.

I've been investing in companies and helping entrepreneurs to succeed ever since. My most recent investment is in Ottawa Radon Solutions.

I've worked with 7 figure 8 figure and 9 figure companies, but my area of expertise is working with businesses between two to five million in revenue and doubling their business value.

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